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Psychotherapist. UKCP


Cert. Body Psychotherapist (Chiron). RMN


Biodynamic Massage

Therapist. SRN


Personal Trainer. ACSM



In technical terms I am an integrative-relational psychotherapist.


This means I would aim to build a long-term supportive relationship and apply a range of psychotherapeutic tools to help you identify and manage personal problems, increase self-awareness and develop a deeper sense of self-esteem.


Realistically, to begin to develop new ways of understanding we need to work for a minimum of 6-8 weeks, often longer.


Normally we would have one session a week, though this can vary.


I am trained in body psychotherapy. This helps me be especially aware of bodily cues, which can often reveal deeper psychological issues. I am often able to help solve issues in the body as well as in the mind.

Other approaches

I also offer Coaching. This can be helpful if you are not neccesarily seeking substantial changes, but wish to clairfy goals and are seeking support to help achieve them.

My approach