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Psychotherapist. UKCP


Cert. Body Psychotherapist (Chiron). RMN


Biodynamic Massage

Therapist. SRN


Personal Trainer. ACSM



Peoples' challenges are always unique, however you may be seeking counselling for a variety of reasons.


These include:


- Feelings of anxiety

- Feelings of depression

- Relationship issues

- Sexual issues

- Issues relating to work

- Dealing with bereavement

- Feeling unfulfilled and 'stuck'

- Persistant physical ailments


I aim to build long-term supportive relationships to help people deal with crises, identify and manage personal problems, increase self-awareness and so develop an ever-deeper sense of self-esteem.


Having emotional difficulties is not a sign of weakness. It affects people of all ages and is not as simple as “pulling yourself together”. In fact hearing that can be very hurtful and can reinforce feelings of worthlessness and make recovery harder.


Whatever challenges you may be facing, I would be pleased to get together to find out more. We can discuss how I may be able to help.

Psychotherapy and counselling