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Psychotherapist. UKCP


Cert. Body Psychotherapist (Chiron). RMN


Biodynamic Massage

Therapist. SRN


Personal Trainer. ACSM




'Life coaching' is a phrase that's bandied around a great deal.


Coaching may work well if you are feeling unfulfilled, limited or simply 'stuck' and can't see how to move forward.


My approach to Coaching is practical: I would aim to help you identify goals and give you support to make changes and move towards them step by step.

'Goals' may involve:

Deeper issues:

- Moving on in work

- Setting up your own business

- Improving relationships

- Building confidence in social situations

- Getting involved in new activities

- Improving fitness, health and general wellbeing

Sometimes deeper issues may emerge during Coaching. At that point, I'm there to help you work them through.